Stop stock loss with the only security tag guaranteed to deter thieves and lower retail shrinkage.

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Beautiful, functional and easy to use.

OMAC security tags for clothing are small, lightweight and incredibly fast to remove at checkout.

Attach OMAC onto your store’s merchandise to stop thieves in their tracks with one of the most sophisticated anti-theft tags in the business – beautifully designed security tags that are reliable, functional, and easy to use.

Finally, security tags thieves hate.

Retail shrinkage is a growing problem and the only way to stop thieves in their tracks is with OMAC. OMAC is a revolutionary tamper-proof EAS tagging system that makes it near impossible for would-be thieves to remove from clothing.

Our security tag deters and frustrates shoplifters displacing them to easier targets leaving your stores to enjoy increased sales and happier staff.



Padlock Pin for High Theft Accessories

Convert your OMAC security clothing tag into an uncuttable steel padlock to protect high-value accessories. Perfect to secure high value items such:

  • handbags
  • shoes
  • power tools
  • sporting equipment
  • Gor-Tex apparel and leather jackets

You won’t find a solution like it anywhere in the world!


A security tag beyond expectations.

OMAC combines the benefits of existing, cost-effective EAS technology with a patented Power Lock™ mechanism that’s virtually tamper-proof. We subjected OMAC through exhaustive testing and development, and we’re proud to say, thieves hate them!

Our name OMAC is the heart of our invention, an abbreviation for the technology that unlocks every OMAC clothing security tag, otherwise known as the Octagonal Halbach Magnet Array Concept.

The OMAC detacher requires a complex precision manufacturing process. It makes it impossible for shoplifters to open OMAC clothing security tags with Standard, Superlock, Hyperlock, Ultralock, XT or Multipolar magnetic detachers purchased online. In fact, nothing will open an OMAC clothing security tag – except for an OMAC detacher.

  • High detection range
  • Available in AM 58 kHz, RF 8.2Mhz and RFID frequencies
  • Compatible with all major EAS detection brands
Symmetrical shape that is just 44mm in diameter

OMAC fits beautifully onto all clothing types, doesn’t pull or hang on material but rather grips and disperses its lightweight body across the fabric surface area.

Unique high-strength Power Lock™

Attackers cannot force open OMAC using magnets or tools. In fact, nothing will open an OMAC except for an OMAC detacher, making it an excellent deterrent to both professional shoplifters and opportunist thieves alike.

Patented design with anti-tamper spikes

When used by staff, the precisely designed points are unnoticeable. When shoplifters press upon them with force, trying to gain leverage to cut or break the tag, the tips feel like thorns and become very uncomfortable to grip, frustrating an

Heavy-duty swivel pin

OMAC tags and pins are engineered with deep structural bracing that includes a screwdriver protection collar. The pin shaft is stainless steel, has a smooth surface that doesn’t catch on delicate fabrics and an internal swivel mechanism to prevent spin-to-release tag attack.

Pin Park with anti-sweethearting

The first clothing security tag with a pin park hole on the reverse side that stops staff sweethearting. At checkout, instantly park the pin on the tag and drop it into your tag collection basket for faster reapplication when needed. No more lost pins and no more finger pinpricks. Perfect for EAS source tagging.

Upgradable pins

Convert your OMAC security clothing tag to protect high-value accessories such as handbags, shoes and leather jackets with our steel uncuttable padlock pin.

Custom colors



Increase visual deterrence or match to your brand. The options are endless.

It’s easy to switch to

Switching to OMAC is easier than you think. OMAC tags are available in AM 58 kHz and RF 8.2Mhz for Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems and the complete range of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) frequencies.

We guarantee all major EAS and RFID hardware manufacturing brands will detect, alarm and report using OMAC security tags. These include Checkpoint, Sensormatic, Nedap, Prosegur, ControlTek, Keonn, All-Tag, Shopguard, Unisen, Amersec, CrossPoint, BSI, Agon, Diaward, Ketec, MTC, Universal, WGSPI, Dexilon, Tag Company, Century, Ontime, Fors and many others as well. We haven’t found a detection system yet that can’t detect an OMAC tag.

  • Order your OMAC tags to match your current EAS or RFID frequency hardware. We can supply directly to your store within a few days.
  • Plug your OMAC detacher into a standard power socket at the checkout and turn it on using your new iButton Key. A green light indicates you are ready to go.
  • Attach your OMAC tags to your clothing using our recommended tagging guidelines.
  • Unlocking an OMAC tag takes just one or two seconds. When a customer makes a purchase at your checkout counter, remove the OMAC, and simply process your sale as usual.
  • Over the next six to eight weeks, sit back and enjoy watching criminals leave your store in frustration as they can no longer remove or cut off your security tags like they used to.

What our customers say

“OMAC clothing security tags have quickly become a critical part of our success. We have reduced theft by 45% using OMAC, and we are delighted with the results!”

Ian, Fashion Retailer, USA

“OMAC bottle caps work really well. It is straightforward to attach and remove, and since installing them, our store has seen a significant reduction in losses. If you have a shoplifter problem, get them!”

Johannes, Liquor Retailer, Germany

“You truly do see results very quickly. Obviously, it is natural to be sceptical about a new security tag because they all kind of look the same, but this one actually works, and shoplifters hate it. So we love it!”

Sarah, Clothing Retailer, ENGLAND

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There are four types of retail security tags, clothing tags, bottle tags, security lanyards or padlock pins and adhesive labels.

Clothing tags are attached to clothing in a noninvasive way to stop shoplifters without the risk of damaging clothing.  When a clothing item passes the security checkpoint, the clothing tag, charged by the RF signal, transmits from the checkpoint and sends back a signal to the receiver triggering the alarm.

Damage can occur depending on the tag technology, material, and how a tag is attached and removed. Removal of any tag without the correct detacher will often result in damaged clothing.  OMAC tags are non-evasive and easily removed at checkout.

Unlike labels, clothing tags do not require activation or deactivation.  Security tags obtain their power source from the door receivers through RF technology; when a tag comes close to the receiver, it triggers the alarm.

There is a seemingly endless array of online material providing the next generation of shoplifters tips on perfecting their craft in the unlawful removal of security tags.

OMAC is so confident in our tags ability to protect your merchandise we challenge prospective clients to ‘crack the OMAC’.  You won’t find a better, more secure tag anywhere.

All OMAC  tags use a proprietary locking mechanism that makes it impervious to shoplifters and impossible to bypass without the OMAC detacher.

It’s the only truly tamper-proof security tag designed to frustrate shoplifter efforts and foil cracking attempts from high-powered magnets and magnetic detachers purchased online.