An ingenious approach to bottle security that stops high-value liquor theft, period. Now that’s something to raise your glass to!

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Stop stock loss overwhelming your business

Alcohol is one of the most targeted retail products for theft, but now there is an affordable way you can stop the all-out assault on your high-value liquor merchandise with the innovative bottle security cap from OMAC.

Opportunist and organised theft is increasingly on the rise with a new study by showing that 40% of business owners saying shoplifting has increased since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.




An elegant, non-imposing solution to wine and spirit bottle security.

Introducing the liquor bottle cap by OMAC, it’s an impenetrable tag that renders your bottle worthless to would-be shoplifters without diminishing the customer shopping experience.  OMAC security bottle caps can prevent shoplifting with or without EAS detection systems. Stop thieves stealing your hard-earned dollars and increase business profits today.

A bottle security cap beyond expectations.

OMAC security bottle caps deliver a technological advancement in EAS liquor cap security tags that’s clever, simplistic and elegantly designed.  It is easy to use, a tamper-proof solution that protects your high-value wine and spirit bottles yet fast to remove at the checkout.  With a speedy, self-fastening one-handed application, it won’t damage the bottle foil and merchandises flawlessly every time.

Our name OMAC is the heart of our invention, an abbreviation for the technology that unlocks every OMAC clothing security tag, otherwise known as the Octagonal Halbach Magnet Array Concept.

The OMAC detacher requires a complex precision manufacturing process. It makes it impossible for shoplifters to open OMAC clothing security tags with Standard, Superlock, Hyperlock, Ultralock, XT or Multipolar magnetic detachers purchased online. In fact, nothing will open an OMAC clothing security tag – except for an OMAC detacher.

  • High detection range
  • Available in AM 58 kHz, RF 8.2Mhz and RFID frequencies
  • Compatible with all major EAS detection brands
World’s most secure bottle security cap

Our novel patented technology makes it impossible for attackers to force open using bootleg magnets or tools. In fact, nothing will open an OMAC – except for an OMAC detacher.

Patented dual vice-grip mechanism

A unique two steel lanyard design, made of military-grade aircraft cable, firmly grips the bottle’s neck so that shoplifters can’t break it using tools such as knives or screwdrivers. Due to its novel self-tensioning mechanism, the harder someone tries to loosen it, the tighter it becomes.

Intuitive one-handed application and removal

Putting on a liquor bottle security cap couldn’t be easier. A single-handed application that takes a few seconds with a satisfying click lets you know that the steel lanyards are tightened and fixed in place.

No additional space required on the shelf

OMAC bottle cap occupies space within a bottles’ footprint so you can merchandise precisely and neatly.

Clear cap for perfect merchandising
Polycarbonate is one of the most impact-resistant transparent plastics globally, providing a natural glass-like look while being virtually unbreakable. 
Universal fit that auto-adjusts to a wide range of sizes
Simplify your processes with one OMAC bottle cap to secure multiple bottle shapes between 24mm to 35mm in diameter.

Custom colors



Increase visual deterrence or match to your brand. The options are endless.

It’s easy to switch to OMAC

Switching to OMAC is easier than you think. OMAC tags are available in AM 58 kHz and RF 8.2Mhz for Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems and the complete range of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) frequencies.

We guarantee all major EAS and RFID hardware manufacturing brands will detect, alarm and report using OMAC security tags. These include Checkpoint, Sensormatic, Nedap, Prosegur, ControlTek, Keonn, All-Tag, Shopguard, Unisen, Amersec, CrossPoint, BSI, Agon, Diaward, Ketec, MTC, Universal, WGSPI, Dexilon, Tag Company, Century, Ontime, Fors and many others as well. We haven’t found a detection system yet that can’t detect an OMAC tag.

  • Order your OMAC tags to match your current EAS or RFID frequency hardware. We can supply directly to your store within a few days.
  • Plug your OMAC detacher into a standard power socket at the checkout and turn it on using your new iButton Key. A green light indicates you are ready to go.
  • Attach your OMAC tags to your clothing using our recommended tagging guidelines.
  • Unlocking an OMAC tag takes just one or two seconds. When a customer makes a purchase at your checkout counter, remove the OMAC, and simply process your sale as usual.
  • Over the next six to eight weeks, sit back and enjoy watching criminals leave your store in frustration as they can no longer remove or cut off your security tags like they used to.

What our customers say

“OMAC clothing security tags have quickly become a critical part of our success. We have reduced theft by 45% using OMAC, and we are delighted with the results!”

Ian, Fashion Retailer, USA

“OMAC bottle caps work really well. It is straightforward to attach and remove, and since installing them, our store has seen a significant reduction in losses. If you have a shoplifter problem, get them!”

Johannes, Liquor Retailer, Germany

“You truly do see results very quickly. Obviously, it is natural to be sceptical about a new security tag because they all kind of look the same, but this one actually works, and shoplifters hate it. So we love it!”

Sarah, Clothing Retailer, ENGLAND

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No.  Liquor security caps are made from a durable, transparent plastic composite with unique locking technology, making it impervious to attack.   A patented dual vice-grip mechanism that’s easy to apply and remove without damaging the bottle. Nothing can open the OMAC except for the OMAC detacher.

The locking mechanism is the heart of what makes the OMAC bottle cap so great.  The bottle cap features a unique double steel lanyard design with military-grade materials.  Cables firmly clasp the bottle’s neck, making it impossible to remove, lever or break.

Quickly applied single-handed in just seconds, it’s sleek and stylish, so it doesn’t take up extra shelf space and won’t detract from the bottle presentation. Simply the best way to secure high-value liquor.

No. OMAC’s unique fixing technology ensures the cap is attached and detached without damaging foil or labelling. With its non-imposing design, many have commented the caps feel like part of their bottle rather than something added later.

Bottle caps work just like clothing tags; a microchip is embedded into the cap and relies on RF technology and the door receiver to power the device.

If a tagged bottle passes through or within range of the receiver, the alarm is triggered.

Security aside, one of the many appealing benefits of the OMAC bottle cap is the ease with which they are applied and removed with the OMAC detacher.